MAGA is a flamenco Ceremony. I continue the work undertaken in Ceremony (2013), and focus on a proposal that rids us of all the complexes which can arise when acknowledging a show as art. Art is sometimes too far away from this consideration, but in Maga I want to highlight that placing people at the centre of the audience and offering them a popular proposal is completely integrated in its artistic nature. In fact, I would dare to say that in art, placing the spectator in the centre could be a principle to follow.

Alba Heredia, the great flamenco dancer, embodies women and places her at the heart of Flamenco, to take the audience, in a very direct and intense way, to the magic and roots of this art, which has been designated by UNESCO as part of the world heritage.

Maga is a very special project which I co-direct with Alba. This is due to the fact that she has been fully involved in its creation, both with the music and the scenography, which I wanted to present as explosion of colour and light. The music for this project was composed by the expert Luis Mariano, and is performed on the violin and guitar by Yorrick Troman.

As a spectator, I would say that “Maga” is magic in its purest form. The premiere was at the Royal Theatre in Madrid and it has also been performed at the Town Hall in Pamplona. It is open to be shown at new venues. I am also filming a documentary film with Miguel Goñi.