MAGA shows in a direct and intense way the magic and roots of flamenco and puts the woman in the center of it.

The show is directed by the artist Mikel Belascoain and is created through the fussion of a solid artistic and scenographic proposal, with the dance of Alba Heredia. Born in Granada she is considered one of the most relevant flamenco dancers known by her deep flamenco roots and great intensity in her dance.

This innovative proposal respects the purest essence of flamenco and brings to the viewer the magic of an art that has been declared a World Heritage by Unesco The project has been premiered at the Teatro Real in Madrid and Pamplona´s Town Hall Square, in front of 5,000 people who filled the urban space. We seek that each locations is special, making the location an intrinsic part of the proposal . The project adapts both to an artistic space (museum, theater, monument), and to an urban space highlighting the value of the street as an interpretive space.

The scenographic proposal is composed of 4 large format pictorial works inspired by the expressionist pictorial tradition, with a great colorist and symbolic load. The work of Eduard Munch and Joan Miró influences the artistic direction of this proposal.