Poem closes the trilogy of projects in New Art. As its name suggests, with this project I want to go deeper into the poetic essence of art. In order to achieve that, my work consists of medium-sized (200 * 160) paintings that are exhibited in the street. These works are poems offered to the people passing by, halfway between painting and sculpture. They are fragile and exposed. Anyone can touch them, they can be damaged, or they can be looked after. I think this is a very important vitalistic metaphor for me and my work.

Poem is accompanied by poetry in a pure, literary format. I have always written a lot of poetry and in fact, I began writing much earlier than painting. Each work will be accompanied by a poem, and the project will have a separate literary format in which I will compile drawings and poetry.

Poem is a team-work effort with my friend and engineer Roberto Carazo and the architect Inés Díaz, with the support of the Government of Navarra and the Town Hall of Pamplona.