Second part of the Arte Nuevo Trilogy. In this project we reflect on the Person and Humanism in the 21st century through the dialogue between Art and Neuroscience. The artist Mikel Belascoain, collaborates with the neurologist Manuel Murie and together they present a vision of the person outside of classifications and influenced on the conversations held with patients with serious neurological diseases. The artist places empathy at the base of the project and develops a polyhedral proposal that takes shape in a monumental work of 7 meters high, a documentary film co-directed with photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga and a performative, scenographic and musical proposal.

The project has been awarded at the London International Documentary Film Festival and at the Medical Film Festival of Badajoz, it has also been selected by the International Festival of Art and Disease (FICAE) and presented, among other locations, at the Teatro Real de Madrid. The work remains in continuous evolution.



Any person willing to watch the complete documentary film can request an authorization through the mail:

In addition, there is the possibility of collaborating with Neuroscience research through the López de Heredia bottle collection.