CEREMONY could be considered the most “underground” project that I have done so far, and as such, is very intense. In Ceremony I fuse painting, music and acting to create a ceremony and a ritual which places women at the centre. Particularly worth mentioning is the collaboration with the artist Cristina Martínez Lana, who bears the performing and scenic weight of the project. I also collaborated with Jon Ulecia, to whom I commissioned a personal adaptation of the song Ceremony, (Joy Division / New Order) taking it to new territory, closer to Post-Punk, with influences from Gainsbourg and The Velvet Underground. Each time this project was performed was unique, and every performance considered a work of art in itself. We could say that Ceremony was a live art project. Pamplona, Madrid, Zamora and Bilbao became unique and ephemeral artistic works that paved the way for the development of Persona. Ceremony found its continuity in “Maga”, which includes a gypsy and flamenco ceremony, emerging from the experimental ideas of this project.