Mikel Belascoain (Pamplona, 1978) plastic artist, documentary film director and creator.

My work evolves around the idea of New Art and my experiences are based on dialogue. The free and anarchic dialogue between artistic disciplines, other artists and other areas of knowledge. I believe that my works must transcend the nature of their materials and in order to achieve that, I experiment with space and time as essential elements. I do this to create holistic atmospheres and approaches.

Painting is at the centre of my work and I develop this in a range of formats; from drawings and canvasses, to large-format installations. I also consider painting to be the beginning of any creation, as it provides information and knowledge that are inaccessible to me through language. This is why for me, painting is a window to new ideas.

On a philosophical level, I identify with vitalism and am particularly interested in the transforming ability that comes with our way of looking. Conscious and unconscious ways of looking are, to me, an act of creation in itself and an active, poetic and revolutionary way of positioning oneself.